Plush Merino Wool Clothes for Kids! It's really worth checking out this wonder material and its amazing features.

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What is Merino Wool?

Merino wool clothes are the best during cold weather! Merino wool is undoubtedly the number one material in baselayer clothings. Merino wool comes from the merino sheep. Their wool fibers are considerably longer and thinner than for example Finnish sheep's wool which makes the wool softer, less itchy and very suitable for sensitive skin. Because of the longer fibers, fabrics made from merino wool are also thinner.

Merino wool maintains ideal heat balance in the body. The use of merino wool relieves rheumatic diseases, neck and shoulder pain, and osteoarthritis. People with asthma or allergies can wear merino clothes without worrying as merino binds dust. Merino wool cleans itself and absorbs moisture from the skin without feeling wet.

Overalls, balaclavas, neeckwarmers

The demand for merino overalls always starts immediately after the summer season. They are the absolute number one baselayer for small children. Comfortably thin but warm and plush. Zipper in the front makes them easy for the children to dress by themselves.

Merino balaclavas and neckwarmers provide great protection for the neck even on the coldest days. Even older kids usually accepts a tube scarf for extra protection when going outdoors. The best part in merino garments is, of course, that they are super easy to take care of. For naturally antibacterial merino wool often just airing is enough!