What is Sampsukka?

Personal, colorful, joyful, relaxed. Playful and inspiring. Dreams and stories. Our prints represent all of this. We strive to bring moments of joy and cheering up in your everyday life. We believe in our dreams, so maybe our children in their joyful clothing believe too, and reach for their dreams? Maybe they learn to work for their dreams and make them come true. Sampsukka exists for these dreams and moments of joy. Especially for children.
Sampsukka is a family business that was started in Joensuu, Finland over eleven years ago. During first years we worked on cloth diapers, and got customers who appreciated especially ecological values. From beginning we devoted to develop online shop. Everything has its meaning, maybe even that we happened to be at the right place in the right time. Swedish Znok Design decided to offer one Finnish company their printed jersey. That was a start for our cooperation and brought clothing fabrics in our selection. Looking back this was like winning in a lottery for us.
We started to move into clothing business, search for our own style and invest in Finnish quality. In cooperation with Finnish designers we started to develop our own prints and amazing stories along with them. Do you remember Huhuu, Happy boletes, Foxes or Girl Buddies? Since 2014 we've been focusing on clothing, leaving diapers out of our selection. At the same time the first real Sampsukka store was put up in the city center of Joensuu. We moved in our present premises at K-Citymarket Pilkko on the First of May 2017. During these years we have been serving customer from both Finland and all over the world - Italians, Germans and Australians among others.
Plus size clothing for children, regularly updated designs and renewal of our women's collection signal our will to develop and our passion in our work. Today our colorful and personal style is known in several European countries. Our production has stayed in Finland, and we are determent to keep it that way.  We want to bring moments of joy in families with children with our colorful and durable clothing!


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Laura acts as the conductor of the magic world, working together with sewers and designers to bring a smile on everyone's face. She is also responsible for ensuring that as many people as possible know about Sampsukka's products.


You will find Sampsukka's sympathetic jack-of-all-trades, Timo, usually at the Joensuu store. Every now and then this true gentleman travels our around Finland in differents events with the Sampsukka products.


Nora is a true creative hoot who as taken over Sampsukka's blog. She is also responsible for our stunning product pictures. Se gets everyone on a good mood!


Many of you can enjoy Sini's high quality sewing work, as many of Sampsukka's garments are made by her. You can meet her at her dressmaker's shop in Nastola, greeting you with a big smile!


Marie, like her name already tells us, has clearly run away from a storybook straight to our Joensuu store! She is our customer service woman with language skills and runs the shop when Timo is busy with other chores. Marie also takes care of packing e-commerce orders for many of you.


Henriikka would sew a fabulous dress even for Cinderella in a moment - so skilled she is!


Marjo is a truly multifunctional whoman who takes care of sewing, making patterns and so much more!